Hydrogen Sulfide Detection

Jul 16, 2017

AerNos approached Rogue Valley Microdevices about doing the foundational work on 3-millimeter-by-3-millimeter silicon squares. The end result device is still in development, and not yet commercially available, Gomez said. "There are a lot of steps between now and taking it to market," she said. "It's something really brand new. The current gas-sensing technology is much larger and not a great candidate for a wearable device." Rogue Valley Microdevices has an agreement with Nanomedical Diagnostics of San Diego, producing chips that are used for drug development and testing. "We've slowly been growing, building awareness of our capabilities," Gomez said. "Five years ago, we didn't have the capabilities to support our customers the way we do now. We've invested a lot in our manufacturing capabilities that have made making chips easier. On our chemistry side, we've been developing processes that make it easier to work with these kinds of companies." Earlier this year, Rogue Valley Microdevices announced it will build a new plant in Central Point. The project remains in the planning phase, but construction could begin as early as this fall. The new facility will greatly add to the firm's capacity.

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