Effective Secrets In Tdg Classroom Across The Usa

Jun 12, 2017

To add to the family’s pain, she added, Nexen officials staged a press conference last summer that blamed her son and his dead co-worker for the explosion. She said she has found out that her son wasn’t in the area where the actual explosion occurred, but at the door. The only worker who was actually there died at the scene. Regardless, she said, the company continues to blame two men who are no longer there to defend themselves. “You’re not even done grieving and you hear they are being blamed for it. I want my son’s name cleared.” She said she has been contacting Alberta Occupational Health and Safety as well, and they have talked to her and provided any information they could. She said it was OHS that informed her of her son’s last words. “He said he was cold,” she said, her voice breaking with emotion. “He said ‘I don’t want to die.” The Williams home is full of photos of their four sons — their other three sons are Archie, Michael and Duke — but there are numerous tributes to Dave, including a large photo display. “I can’t find a photo where Dave wasn’t smiling, he was always happy, even as a baby and a kid,” she said while looking at the photos. “He loved life.” A few months after her son’s death, Bernice ended up going to her son’s house in Calgary and bringing home all his belongings.

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